Discount sites

Do not get to this discount code by accident, you need a little interest – go to sites with codes to track promotions and start with these pages when we decided a specific purchase. That’s why it’s so important to have a list of things we should still buy, like the gifts we mentioned earlier. If I know I want to buy someone perfume for Christmas, I start looking for coupons and discounts on perfume.

We can also search using various parameters, for example, looking for the best deals of the week on the discount amount.

Not that hard?

I look at the sites with coupons and discounts regularly, and if there is nothing I find, but I’m looking for a very specific thing, then a similar technique, I use in addition to the search engine. ForDiscount sites example, I type in google:

  • Perfume xyz coupon
  • Perfume xyz discount
  • Perfume xyz promotion
  • Perfumes xyz promo
  • Perfumes xyz code

Understand the concept EUROMUNDO GLOBAL, actively looking for a lower price product that I have on my list. I absolutely do not expect a magic action that the store itself will knock on my door.

Free delivery

Did You happen to get on a product with a great price, but when you added the purchase, shipping cost, it turned out that just as well you can go to the Mall? Cheap purchases on the Internet also depends on the cost of delivery, which often do not pay attention.

There are several ways to get free shipping:

  1. once a year, in early December – the Day of Free Delivery, hundreds of online stores take part in them;
  2. delivery often depends on the volume of the order. It is then necessary to persuade someone else, for joint purchases, to „finish” to the level of free delivery or, if it makes financial sense to buy something else. I buy so comics, instead of ordering a few parcels more often, buy every 2 months a large pack of comics and the shipping cost is then free;
  3. personal reception is usually resolved the issue of free delivery, unless, of course, pays us to pick up along the way, departure. Let’s not go to extremes, an hour by car for a free package us will cost more than a few gold in the settings for.

Make a promotion calendar

I was in November in new York city, the absolute capital of shopping and promotion, just a week before black Friday. I saw with my own eyes how people just float through the door of the Mall to take advantage of the moment. Only there are actually huge markdowns during Black Friday and the week preceding it. It is worth noting such a period in the calendar to adapt to it their procurement processes.

Let’s move on. Festive discounts, Christmas sale, sale of goods in individual stores. All this can be recorded in advance, and at this time to look for opportunities in accordance with the list that we have prepared earlier:

  • Cleaning magazines after the holidays (my favorite, I buy cosmetics all year round)
  • Christmas sales
  • Holiday sale
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Day Single
  • Free Delivery Day
  • black Friday
  • Cyber Monday

Make a promotion calendar

Take my word for it, it’s not that hard. It is better to buy according to this list than to buy everything the way the stores want.

Buy in advance

Often cheap online purchases are actually cheap when we make them in advance. Tickets are the best example. Have you noticed how in Russian Railways the price increases when the date of departure approaches? Buying a ticket in advance, you can save up to 30% of the price – that’s why planning is so important.

A tool that will really allow cheap shopping online is… calendar.

Write down all the dates of the trip in the calendar, and try with as much as possible in advance to buy tickets online.
Minibuses, buses, trains, planes – this principle is suitable for everything. The devil is in the details. If our plans change, we will not always be able to return the ticket and refund the money. However, the difference on such purchases is really big, from tens of dollars on tickets within the country to several hundred dollars on international flights. Worth it!

Shop back in season

If you do not follow the latest trends in fashion, it is easy to master this item 😉 Buy winter clothes in the summer, and summer in winter, autumn, spring, spring, autumn, etc. then we will not fall into the trap of „new collections”, which are on the move more expensive. Free articles are cheap purchases on the Internet, so I would like to add that we are not talking about shopping for clothes at any other time of the year – there are enough websites.


10 things you need to know to buy online

It is evident that every time we are more people who decided to buy online, for that reason it is advisable to be aware of how to deal with some of the risks or inconveniences that this implies if it is not done correctly. Below we publish 10 recommendations that we should know when buying online.

It is essential that we check that the web page where we have to enter the banking information is safe . To identify a secure web page we have to verify that your electronic address goes from being http: // to https: // (indicative of secure server). In addition, a closed yellow padlock must appear in the bottom right or left of the browser. If we double-click on the lock or key, information about the site’s security certificate will appear.

It is not advisable to buy if the web page does not clearly indicate the information , identity and address of the selling company, the characteristics of the product or service, its price and if this includes the cost of transportation, the form of payment, the modality of delivery and information about the withdrawal document; with the exception of certain service provision contracts: air transport, hotel reservation … and supply of products such as sound or video recordings, discs, computer programs that would have been unsealed by the consumer.

10 things you need to know to buy online

The delivery conditions must be clearly specified during the purchase process . In any case, the maximum delivery time for a product purchased through the Internet is 30 days. If the seller can not fulfill the promised period, he has the obligation to notify it. Then the buyer can decide if he goes ahead with the operation or if he gives up without additional cost. In this case, the seller is obliged to immediately return the corresponding money.

If we exercised the right of withdrawal, the store must return the amounts paid within a maximum period of 14 calendar days after knowing the exercise of this right. If the contract price has been fully or partially financed by a credit granted by the contracting employer or by a third party and the right of withdrawal is exercised, this implies the resolution of the credit without penalty to the consumer.

It is very practical and safe to use a credit card linked to a bank account only for Internet paymentsand where you can make deposits for the exact amount of purchases.

– Let us monitor what information the website offers us about the use it will make of our personal data.

– Remember that you do not have to fill out unnecessary forms or surveys to buy online.

– If we have a problem , the first step is to try to solve it with the seller through its customer service. If a solution is not reached, the case can be taken to mediating bodies of consumer law such as the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC). However, if you have been a victim of a crime on the Internet you must make the report at the police station. In addition, the Civil Guard has the „Telematic Crimes Group” dedicated to prosecuting any type of fraud through the Internet. Of course, in both cases the complaint can be made online.

When we make a purchase through the Internet, the products or goods acquired are protected by the same guarantees that would have been purchased in a store or physical trade. When receiving a product, we must check the status of the package and try to verify that it is not hit or may have been damaged in the shipping process. If so, you can return it indicating the reason or sign the acknowledgment of receipt of the courier leaving a written record that shows visible external damage.

10 things you need to know to buy online

Along with the product and its accessories you will have to receive written information stating the address of the establishment for the purpose of submitting claims, the corresponding invoice, the receipt and the guarantee. If you make the payment by authorizing the charge on a credit card, remember that you can demand the cancellation of the charge to the seller to the issuer of the card to undo the transaction, in a period that varies from one entity to another.

Faced with incredibly attractive prices , let’s be suspicious, it could be an error or a fraud. Given this, it is best to seek references from the seller before making the payment to avoid being a victim of a scam. If the offer is from a recognized trade, it is most likely a mistake. Needless to say, this distrust must increase in the face of free offers. In any case, a guarantee is to choose a store adhered to the consumer arbitration system.

Association of Internet users.

Far Cry 5 – key – pc key – steam key – cd key

Four a.m.. Another fucking night. I lost track of time somewhere between a port bounce and a treasure hunt in a broken plane at the bottom of a river. I look at larger map Hope County, and fascinating as hell, someday I’ll pass this title on 100 percent? Far Cry 5 is so unpacked by the content that the time and price ratio in the game, by the way, is very positive. Unfortunately, most of this content comes from recycling.

Far Cry 5 key

Far Cry 5 keyFar Cry 5 is one of those productions that are just good to have on disk. The name creates a very comfortable mood. It’s fun, and you think, ” bitch, how much more to come, I played this until summer, I guess.” In short doses, an hour or two after a hard day’s work, Ubisoft’s work works perfectly. Only after a few days spent in Montana, you begin to feel that could be better, and this chop-it’s probably not the first freshness.

The consolidation of shares in the Us is the best thing that could happen with Far Cry 5. Great game! Maybe not knocking, visually as Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Origins, but no doubt refers to the current leaders. The postcards are amazing. Conifers, hills, Sunny meadows, rivers, streams and streams… in the world of Far Cry 5 you can fall in love. If it weren’t Far Cry 5 key for the fanatical sects that run these lands, I’d want to live in hope County. The thought that people really live in such beautiful pages makes me really jealous.

This is one of those games where you have to stop for a moment and see how the setting sun reflects off the tiles of the crystal clear lake. In the background is a ROE deer, then raving mountain peaks… just like a fairy tale. I like the contrast of the idyllic place with the war and violence that has affected these lands. So it was in Far Cry 3, where holiday cards were interrupted by explosions and the replacement of fire.

Far Cry 5 pc key

I got the impression that Far Cry 5 made its debut for fast. The game has a lot of mistakes, and one amused me to tears. Production has a Frank problem with the display of water. Virtual liquid something strange all incapable, likes disappear, and for this… allows you to swim against the current, up the waterfalls (?!). It is enough to get the hero under the waterfall to get wet and we can levitate in the air, to float up the water. Surprisingly, such Far Cry 5 pc key babole are in the full version of the high-budget blockbuster. Ubisoft has been showing weakness in weird bugs for years, and Far Cry 5 is no exception to this rule.

Far Cry 5 pc keyUnfortunately, other ailments no longer bring so much joy. Comrades NPC like to stop for a dozen seconds, thinking about the next route. Hold on if you just did yourself a tour. Worse, when they determine the success of the mission or to push the plot forward. I spread my hands helplessly as I watched my virtual companion raise the alarm as I ran through the enemy base while I made my way from one Bush to another. Fortunately, the computer Suite (up to two at a time), you can issue an order to stay in place.

Far Cry 5 steam key

Far Cry 5 steam keyMistakes, however, are inevitable when creating such a great game about the Taj open structure. Freedom is the key word. Far Cry 5 responder is significantly larger and significantly faster than the previous game in the series. In the Himalayas it was impressive that we could fly a small helicopter. Here we, in turn, the entire military Arsenal, including combat fighters and helicopters equipped with running Gatling and missiles. Has no artificial restrictions awkward maneuvers of the player, as anti-aircraft defense, or weather conditions that prevent flight.

After a few tens of minutes you become completely free. You can go where you want. Script Far Cry 5 is non-linear. Him get to the leader of the religious sect, you can argue with his main porucznikami in any order. The campaign was built in such a way that the player did not feel any walls and obstacles. Want to get the enemy base quietly? You’re welcome Far Cry 5 steam key. You want to bomb it with a mortar? Okay. You want to shoot her with a helicopter? Any problem.

Are you tired of shooting? No problem, over the enemy base, you can always fly a combat helicopter. Thanks to the wealth of means of destruction, as well as thanks to the two (optional) computer companions of Far Cry 5, it seems easier from the previous scene. In the Himalayas there were fortresses almost not found, with large walls and nests, application on each tower. The architecture of the district’s hope is not so militarized. Sectarians occupy bridgehead, which used to be bars, gas stations and shopping centers. It’s easier to get there with a rocket launcher and make order with multiple target shots. Far Cry 5 provides true freedom and freedom. This in this game is excellent.

Far Cry 5 cd key

I’m not sure about the shooting model and character development. There are games that just have something under the shutter. As, for example, Destiny, in which each shot gives a giant occupation. Especially on the controller. The exchange of fire in Far Cry 5 is, in turn,… so-so. Strongly average. Since the launch of the second part, Ubisoft has still done nothing to work in this area. With views on the cover, the player gets more and more gadgets, skills, and accessories, but the shooting itself remains what it was-at best, right. It could have been Far Cry 5 cd key done better. Especially because we are talking about the genre of FPS, not the arcade game of a third party.

This is not a joke. One of the “friends” of the player can be a bear. Your own fighting bear. I am also convinced that the new system of character development. This is the results of the talent points obtained by executing special tasks from the closed list. The challenges are different, from ten headshots, hunting for a particular animal, overcoming a certain number of kilometers in the vehicle ending. Earned points we spend on any skills and items that are somewhat stormy certain naturalism series.

Kingdom Hearts III – key – pc key – steam key – cd key

Kingdom Hearts III is one of the most anticipated ROLE-playing games of recent years. Is the presence of disney worlds and favorite characters enough to create the perfect game? Kingdom Hearts is a one-of-a-kind series. In 2002, Square Enix released a game that was an amazing combination of RPG dziejącym… in the worlds of Disney. Never before have players seen, and most importantly — loved it from the entrance. As, however, fared, released in 2006 by continuing. On the third ” big ” installment waited until now, and for solace they got a set of more or less successful spin-offs serving a bit about other Sori and company adventures. Or it was worth waiting for a dozen years to continue and… is it even possible to look for players who have never played Kingdom Hearts here?

Kingdom Hearts III key

Kingdom Hearts III keyKingdom Hearts III-is, as the developers say, the closure of the Saga. And I believe them, because although it is a game after which dates back with pleasure, it does not mean that it is absolutely devoid of imperfections. A few years in production (well, at least a few years to talk about what works on it — because, as it was actually, we do not know) did not work in all respects-forever. However, I respect extraordinarily for wanting to comment on a number of threads opened in other parts and settle with the whole story.

And by the way, the memory of those who have never had the opportunity to get acquainted with this story, and explain something. We, however, were well aware: it is not so that the team streściła events from the previous parts, and without full knowledge of KH after a while you will be aware. None of these things. However, it takes so much skill that you can follow the story of Sori and friends, as well as their skirmishes with the next characters. Of course, knowing all this Kingdom Hearts III key history, the relations between heroes and the world — you will be cleaned from them much more. However, the pure kingdoms part is made at a high level and… it actually works.

Kingdom Hearts III pc key

And if we are talking about fairy tales from disney worlds-here… right at best. The developers have tried to use them dormant potential and woven heroes of the game in fairy tales, known from the most popular works of silver screen. The last part was used. The edge of the Ice, Pirates of the Caribbean, or the story of Toys-the production of which, rather, do not need anyone to specifically represent Kingdom Hearts III pc key, Sora, Donald and goofy help there herosom cope with the dangers and evil that got into their universes.

And despite the fact that everything is conducted as the storyline of the film, something I clearly lacked. Maybe a big connection with the heroes? Or maybe… an exclusive story that would expand the streams a bit so it wouldn’t be boring and manage to break out of the schematic approach to every virtual world we visit? Nice gameplay, the ideal of which very little is not enough. The history of Kingdom Hearts III is held as correctly, but on a good deed scene cut, we can ignore, but these few dozen hours, something has to be done, right? Here, some crazy changes won’t make us realize: the study, though with improvements, looks identical to the previous parts.

Kingdom Hearts III steam key

Travel between worlds-also (unfortunately, Linden Spikes are still there). Combat system-although new techniques and combinations have survived to him, the formula has not changed. It still provides quite a lot of nice arcade elements, and the developers made sure that it was not boring-that’s why at every step we are waiting for new mechanics. And this is a flight to the sample shoot’em UPA, and this crazy gear przywodzącego thought infinity runner, and this is again swimming and battles, sea, as in the fourth part of Assassin’s Creed. To this are added a variety of boss battles that have repeatedly caused a smile on my face.

Kingdom Hearts III steam keyThere is a lot going on, in places apparently not yet-because the number of frames displayed per second is dangerously fired. But it’s constantly fast paced, changes and surprises-these are the elements for which players loved the series — so good that this time it wasn’t enough. But I was disappointed in Kingdom Hearts III steam key how … easy to play. The normal level of difficulty was much easier than the one that was presented in the first part. On the one hand, we can say that it is pożądny design (because the additional grinding also did not justify even an hour marker), however, on the other… this lack of problems is a bit disappointing to me.

As for the worlds themselves, well-they are very unequal. As I said — Kingdom Hearts, made his debut in 2002. Kingdom Hearts III-in 2019. However, looking at their construction, I feel that the designers did not take into account that we are two generations away. Yes, more. Also, of course, more beautiful. But not more complex and, of course, do not use the potential that they dozed, and with which the current generation of consoles will give themselves advice.

Kingdom Hearts III cd key

Kingdom Hearts III cd keyI must, however, give away that at every turn surprise with unique to the worlds / chosen heroes solutions that are really something wonderful! The plot inserts look great, and the music for which the trio Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito are responsible is a real pleasure for the ear. What about the songs of opening and closing, made my favorite Utadas Hikaru, I did not even mention Kingdom Hearts III cd key! Not perfect, but it’s already the best „disnejowska” game Your kids won’t play.

Kingdom Hearts III-it’s fabulous and exciting, and disnejowskie worlds, only this impression is reinforced. However, despite this-it’s not a game for the little ones, it’s an RPG with blood and dice. Full statistics, accessories, modifiers… well, the story that is sure to interest the typical recipients of Land, Ice, Zaplątanych and Monsters and Society. And the story itself is full of darkness and magic, which is in vain to look for somewhere else. Yes, Kingdom Hearts is a one — of-a-kind series, one that can Wake up an inner child in any way-and always does it by a five-plus. At the same time, it’s a game in which every fan of the genre can have fun, even if there’s no desire to keep track of the series ‚ convoluted stories.

All bordered by wheel of fortune cheats hack technical novelties

Valentines Day has concerned Poland completely. According to a survey by TNS Kantar, commissioned by Allegro, the substantial majority of Poles, as high as 83 percent, are planning to offer their 2nd half a gift for the Enthusiasts’ Day.

Almost half will certainly acquire delicious chocolates, 33 percent.

Blossoms, as well as every 7th individual chooses a gift from the erotica group. We will certainly not spend more than PLN 100 on buying. We such as to give presents to our loved ones, which is why our Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14, has become a part of our culture.

The most popular wheel of fortune cheats hack Valentine’s gift

The study, commissioned by Allegro, by TNS Kantar, shows that as much as 83 percent. Poles will certainly purchase the very least a symbolic present for this event. On the other hand, only 20 years. ago, only 42 percent. of us celebrated Valentine’s Day.

It is not a shock that younger individuals (aged 18-39) and those from smaller cities (as much as 100,000 occupants) are the ones that are eager to celebrate this particular day. Walenynki lata.jpg Nevertheless, Poles are not original in their gift choices.

The most popular wheel of fortune cheats hack Valentine's gift

The most popular Valentine’s gift is … delicious chocolates that almost half of the respondents buy – 47 percent. Popular suggestions for a Valentine’s Day gift consist of flowers (33 per cent), movie theater tickets or a concert (30 per cent) as well as a greeting card (23 per cent). Somewhat less frequently, the selection of Poles falls on underclothing (16%), jewelery (15%) or a present from the erotica group (14%) as well as cosmetics (2%).

Guy more willingly decide to provide chocolates, flowers or precious jewelry, while females choose, first off, for present tickets to the cinema or for a performance and a greeting card. The youngest typically prepare to provide the nearby individual delicious chocolates and flowers. This age group is additionally more likely to pick gifts from the erotica category.

Web users enjoy to acquire fragrances

Thirty-year-olds are most likely to provide jewelry to Valentine’s Day, and tickets to social occasions are more probable to be picked by individuals with second and also higher education. The outcomes of the survey confirm Allegro’s sales data. – Three weeks before the Valentine’s Day, we notice a rise in rate of interest in gift categories.

  1. During this moment, Web users enjoy to acquire fragrances, jewelry and watches, movie theater tickets, underclothing as well as items from the erotica group.
  2. In the latter category, sales are even increased by fifty percent.
  3. A Valentine’s Day is likewise a great time for perfumers. Similar to around Christmas, we’re seeing a 30 per cent rise in interest in items in this classification. – says Agata Stachowiak, Public Relations Police Officer at Allegro.

Before Valentine’s Day, approximately 3 thousand is offered each day. odors. Poles like well-known brands as well as on the occasion of the wheel of fortune cheats hack Valentine’s Day they buy more costly fragrances of such brand names as: Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani and also Versace.

They commonly wish to share their love, especially guys, via precious jewelry, which on Allegro during that time is offered by 20 percent. more than normal – an average of 4,800 systems each day. Poles acquire both gold and silver jewelry, thus the average rate of a ring is PLN 117, and earrings – PLN 30.

We are also delighted to wheel of fortune cheats hack acquire tickets

A great Valentine’s present, not just for latecomers, is a watch – presently on Allegro, approximately 2 thousand is sold. pieces a day. According to the respondents, at the end of January and at the beginning of February, by 15 percent. the sale of ladies’s undergarments rises.

Partners more than happy to make common, fashion presents, that is, acquire clothes collections for her and also for him with amusing slogans or graphics.

We are also delighted to wheel of fortune cheats hack acquire ticketsValentine’s gifts.jpg We are also delighted to acquire tickets to the movie theater or cultural events – on Allegro, compared to last year, it has actually already marketed 75 percent. extra such tickets.

On the various other hand

Those who are normally home owners and also also Valentine’s are not an adequate excuse for them to take advantage of the city destinations, get a present for a social celebration as well as plan to spend the day.

A terrific shock for your precious or precious will be sprucing up the apartment with Valentine’s decorations. Balloons, garlands, table designs and rose flowers – all this will help to produce a charming environment in the apartment or condo.

3 weeks before the Fans’ Day on Allegro, the majority of condoms sold – greater than 36,000, complied with by devices as well as sexual devices – over 25,000, and the Sexual Medicines. Interestingly, the number of prophylactics offered a year earlier was extremely similar.

On the various other hand, it raised by 35%. rate of interest in BDSM products as well as sexual games (up by 31%), as well as fell by 28%. interest wheel of fortune cheats hack in pheromones and aphrodisiacs and also sexual motion pictures (a 19 percent reduction).

Many Poles acquire Valentine’s presents in advance. Almost fifty percent of the respondents – 47 percent. – he usually purchases a Valentine’s present one week beforehand, and every fifth one regarding 3 to 2 weeks ahead of time. Only one 3rd Post acquires presents just before Lovers Day – 18%. the day before, as well as 11 percent. on Valentine’s Day. Men buy gifts regularly than ladies the day before or on St. Walenta

The education wheel of fortune cheats hack of the future

Learning via play „is a motto that can be carried out! In the middle of summertime as well as with IT professionals from Allegro. At the first such technology occasion in Poland there will more than 30 workshops in six thematic blocks.

Classes will certainly be ready and cost-free for youngsters from 4 to 16 years old. All bordered by technical novelties, humanoid robotics, electric boards and also bikes, drones as well as other tourist attractions.

This is Allegro Tech Days, organized by the Allegro All For Earth Foundation, which will happen in Poznan on July 15! Creating, creating as well as configuring your very own robotic is as involving as hardly anything. As well as he additionally teaches logical thinking and also boosts imagination.

  • During Allegro Technology Days there will certainly be workshops that will transform every kid right into an enthusiast and programs expert.
  • The event will take place on Saturday, 15 July in the Pixel structure at 182 Grunwaldzka St., in between 10:00 and also 16:00. – Programs is synonymous with the education of the future.
  • Not only since it executes the motto: finding out via play. It’s a symbol of our time.

The education wheel of fortune cheats hack of the future

To teach youngsters made complex programming modern technology, a great idea, modern-day academic equipment and experts are needed to assist develop a new interest. All this will certainly be used at Allegro Technology Days and also it is at no cost – says Krzysztof Śpiewek, a board member of the Allegro All For Earth Foundation.

Wasteland 2 build

Drop points of CON to 0 doesn’t mean death, just loss of Wasteland 2 build consciousness. In an unconscious form will appear health counter, as in the picture. When the CON falls to a certain, critical value of the negative character dies permanently. In Wasteland 2 you can’t go to the temple and resurrect the dead. The dead NPC will become a breeding ground for mutant vultures in the irradiated desert. However, remember that you are not playing one character, and the whole team, so it does not matter who will die, even if the team leader. The game will end if all four of the original guards are killed.

Wasteland 2 skill books

To avoid an unhappy fate, the dying need to use the Wasteland 2 build ability of the Surgeon as soon as possible. To find out the details, hover your mouse over the portrait of the character. You will learn how quickly she loses the STAKE and how many moves (during the fight) or how many seconds (outside the fight) will die.

Wasteland 2 skill booksTo perform the wasteland 2 skill books operation, you need a set of injuries (trauma), which you buy in any drug store. The higher this quality, the more points will return to the form, but also the higher level the Surgeon requires to be able to use it at all. One character on the team is almost required to have a high surgeon skill. This is a useful ability not only to save team members, but also other wounded in the wasteland.

A good idea is to develop the ability to have two characters, if it is at first needed to use the surgery because you can’t operate on himself. Another person is enough 1-2 points, while the first should aim at the maximum. You can operate, for example, bleeding, but it also requires an appropriate subject. The process of putting on your feet lasts for a while, so if you are in a fight, then even now your character is constantly exposed to subsequent wasteland 2 skill books damage, which can be fatal. If you have long pulled, there is also a risk that the operation was started too late and will not end until the CON falls too low.

Wasteland 2 director’s cut party build

The unconscious figure, contrary to appearances, should not be in a lost position. Each loss of consciousness is associated with the application of some wasteland 2 director’s cut party build status. It should be well acquainted with it. As a rule, X CON points will be lost with each round. However, there are also positive statuses, such as Healing, which restores x CON points with each round.

Wasteland 2 director's cut party buildIf the character does not have a negative status (eg, bleeding), then soon his Con will automatically return above 0, and then she gets up. The disadvantage of this solution is the fact that she has only 1 point of health, so that the scratch will put it again. However, you will save a set of injuries and if you are in combat – PA that the doctor would have to use to start the surgery. Also check the level of wasteland 2 best perks experience of such a guard before you start treating him. Could they be out any minute? Then it will be automatically cured, and you will not only save a set of injuries, but also a first aid kit.

During the fight also remember that the doctor must first get to his wasteland 2 director’s cut party build patient, so may not have enough YET to do it, and in the same queue to start the operation. It is also important that the fresh „patched” figure will not be immediately in full combat readiness. After some time will have a negative status minimizing its attributes.

Wasteland 2 perks

Clicking on the globe opens the world map. The game you start in the vicinity of the Fortress Rangers (Ranger Citadel), the headquarters of the Guardians of the Wasteland. Of course, this is not the only wasteland 2 perks location in the game. At the ends of each map you will find distinctive icons of the globe, as in the screenshot. Enter not, you will leave the current location and exit to the wasteland.

Wasteland 2 perksOn the wasteland there are many other areas-destroyed cities, military facilities or just ordinary settlements. At first, you don’t know the location of specific parcels, so your map will be almost completely blank. You fill it out by learning about new places while talking to people you meet or traveling on your own wasteland 2 perks and discovering the still existing remnants of human civilization. If you do not know the location of a site, you will open it, going directly depending on the level of Perception.

Hiking in the Desert

Hiking in the DesertTo cross the wastelands and you need water. Water can be considered in the  category of fuel for wasteland 2 party build the car. You need a certain amount of fuel to get from point a to point B. When the water runs out, the team will begin to suffer from dehydration and take damage. If you do not immediately replenish the water-all die of thirst. The current water level is a blue tank in the lower right corner of the screen.

Hovering your mouse over any point on the map will show in turn how much water it takes to get to it. You filled the water in two ways. First, from sources in individual locations, such as the dining room, the Fortress – just tap in the water tank, and confirm that you want to refill the jars. Secondly, in oases, which, perchance, you encounter while Hiking. The oasis will appear on the world map if you are nearby. Just go to her and fill up. Traveling to new wasteland 2 party build areas, sometimes it is necessary to deviate from the course in the hope of finding a new source. The water problem will disappear once you get to California where you can travel freely without worrying about mint condition.

In addition, on the world map you can also accidentally stumble upon caches where you can find useful items like weapons and ammunition. Hidden in the world are also special wasteland 2 best perks shrines, i.e. special places dedicated to people who have greatly supported the gathering on Kickstarter. You can find them if you have, respectively, a high Perception or by performing the appropriate task in this location.

How do video games affect cognitive development?

Research to determine the impact of video games (computer games, game consoles, etc.) For cognitive development, it has been shown that various games improve various aspects of intelligence.

Which games provide benefits?

Playing video games helps to improve a wide range of cognitive functions. 3D video games enhance the ability to recognize patterns and spatial memory. Action games reduce reaction time without reducing sensitivity. Favored players in the game, such as the player’s eyes, develop mental flexibility that increases the ability to quickly switch between tasks and adapt to changes.

Action games improve visual processing skills, that is, sharpen the recognition of important elements, while distractors can improve the ability to ignore elements.

Which games provide benefits?

Video games improve the ability to pay attention, improve the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Develops spatial skills, such as action games, tracking multiple objects, audio-visual coordination, and space sensing. Action games develop audiovisual caution; This is important from the point of view of information processing and reading capabilities.

As you can see, different types of games have different advantages. In the tasks we perform in accordance with the goal of the game, which skills we use, we can provide improvement in this area.

Other benefits

In addition to improving cognitive performance, playing video games offers other benefits:

Video games can help reduce the level of relaxation and stress. Video games can increase self-esteem and morale. Video games, through physical components, contribute to the development of visual-spatial skills through the management and attention functions.

Video games that you work with other players contribute to the development of social behavior in real life.

  • Short and long-term effects

It has been noticed that the profits obtained while playing video games persist for a long time after the end of the game. In a study on the subject, it was observed that the gains of children who had played spy games for a month were continued after three months from the end of the game, and it was clear that the profits were retained after three months.

Other benefitsNeurological research on this topic has shown long-term positive changes in information processing and increased flexibility of the nervous system.

In general, you can say that the time of the game influences the durability of the prize. However, the relationship between the time devoted to playing and the degree of cognitive development is complex. Because there are many variables, it is difficult to predict what benefits will be permanent.

  • Intelligence development games

The benefits of games produced to improve cognitive performance (which will be referred to as intelligence games) are discussed by the scientific community. Some studies have shown that games that develop intelligence contribute to the development of targeted aspects of cognitive performance, while some studies have not shown significant improvement.

The biggest challenge is that the producers of intelligence games exaggerate the benefits of their games. This can lead to unrealistic expectations about the game. The most important question is whether you are having fun playing this game.

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performanc

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performance. Your results in the game can give you an insight into your cognitive profits.

However, you should not forget about the 80/20 rule. This means that 20% of our activities, 80% of results results in a rule. 80% of the achievements we get in the game comes from 20% of the time we spend in the game.

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performanc

It’s good to devote our time to playing games in a direction in which we intend to improve our cognitive skills because they are accompanied by fun in development efforts. But it is wiser to diversify these games as much as possible. In this way you will have the chance to develop multi-faceted development and reduce the risk of spending time with games that are not effective (relatively less useful) in terms of development.

Video games: one of the most profitable and powerful forms of entertainment

Video games: one of the most profitable and powerful forms of entertainment

The video game industry is experiencing one of the most thriving times in its history: it generates billions of dollars around the world and becomes one of the most profitable and productive forms of entertainment.

A little man with a mustache chasing a mushroom grows in size, a hedgehog that works faster than light, a gorilla that runs in continuation barrels in the air, a green beast that emanates electricity that runs the wizard of a burnt skull and an archaeologist all tilts to denti.Queste brief descriptions relate to some of the most famous video game stars of all time: Super Mario Bros., Sonic, Donkey Kong, Blanka in Street Fighter, Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat and Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, and the list is endless: The Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia, Crash Bandicoot and Rayman. There are so many of them that we need hundreds of pages just to name them.

According to expert estimates

Year after year, the video game industry is not only consolidating, but also gaining recognition as a global entertainment industry.

In 2015, sales amounted to USD 91.8 billion, which in 2016 increased to USD 99.6 billion, according to Newzoo, a leading source on the market.

According to expert estimates, sales will reach USD 106.5 billion by the end of this year. These data underline the profitability of the ‚completely sustainable’ sector, which is able to overcome any limitations, break the boundary and expand the catchment area from day to day. .

According to expert estimates

„The industry has grown beyond any boundaries inspired by popular culture figures, presenting stories in cinemas and even dreaming of participating in the Olympics,” said Mauricio Arroyave Panesso, a senior editor on the internet specializing in Akihabara Blues.

In 2015, the entertainment industry earned $ 38.3 billion from the film industry, according to the American Film Association, and in 2014, $ 15 billion from the music industry, according to the „International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

According to the Global Videogames Market report, 106.5 billion dollars in collections expected in 2017 is not a joke. Video game command!

Between culture and fun

Over 25 million Italians are in a sense the creators of video games. About 50% of the population lives on different levels of the world of games. And if it is easy to imagine that the highest concentration of players falls in the age group of 14 to 24 years, it is surprising to see that the second place is an adult population, that from 34 to 44 years, representing 18.1% of Italian players. Even business data gives us a growing sector (+ 6.9%), able to touch, in 2015, one billion euros of turnover.

Between culture and funInteresting facts, in the light of what is considered the most fun festivals in Italy: Let’s play, which will be held in Rome from today to March 19 the next.

It is an event organized by the Enterprise Q-Social Academy in cooperation with AESVI (Italian Videogame Developers Association of Publishers).

For five days, institutions, large industry and consumers will meet to entertain, but also to discuss and raise awareness of the role that this world has for the Italian economy, showing video games in their role as a cultural tool 360 ° can conduct dialogue concerning art, pedagogy, IT, education and economic development.

Between culture and fun.

It’s from the game console It all starts after everything

As a writer, the old game is obviously not uncommon to get questions about gaming rights, and I think the most common is which console I should buy.

That is understandable. It’s from the game console It all starts after everything, and if you’re not up to date on what’s happening in the game world, choosing the right one is not easy. What kind of game console should you buy today?

The answer is (unfortunately) that it matters. Personally, today I play exclusively on Nintendo Switch and PC. I recently sold (beloved) PlayStation 4 when you just can not sit in the living room anymore and play longer. This time of day does not exist anymore (I have twins).

However, you can squeeze a few hours on your computer at night when you need it, and the big advantage of the Nintendo Switch is that it can be taken with you. It is quite possible to play Zelda in a bed, in a toilet or in a living room (without occupying the entire living room for the rest of the family).

Just consider your needs and possibilities

Just consider your needs and possibilities. When and how can you play? For example, I almost do not play in multiplayer. There is also something that can not be stopped. That’s not an idea. Children need me at any time of the day. Maybe it’s different for you?

After Dropping: Let’s look at each console individually!

Xbox One – inexpensive (cheap), powerful and in a huge library with games of this generation console by far the most convenient driver (when it comes to me, I mean). There are thousands of reasons to like (and buy) Xbox One, but I have not done so yet.

  • Exclusive Engines (games that are only released on the Xbox One) are too weak – or not really tokälskar Halo Forza Motorsport series and that’s it.
  • In addition, the Xbox One is slightly weaker than the Playstation 4. In performance tests, the equivalent of Sony almost always wins both the image and the resolution.

Just consider your needs and possibilities

Of course, that will change after Microsoft released its enhanced version of the Xbox One X (pictured above), which apparently makes a PlayStation 4 Pro. The only problem is that the label suddenly rises again to 5000 crowns – and that would at least I do not like to pay for the console (in the middle) of today’s console generation.

The coronation The Witcher 3:

If you are not crazy about the exclusivity of Sony, take a look at Xbox One. Today you can get a video game where you can play for 250 hours. The coronation The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2000 should be a strong argument for the majority.

PlayStation 4 – Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Uncharted 4: Thief for End, The Last of Us 2, Persona 5 … Exclusive to consoles are strong in Sony and PlayStation 4. The game library is being updated at a speed that is currently not possible depending on i. Here you can select the original model (with a hard drive capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB) or Playstation 4 Pro.

The Pro version has support for 4K (no thinking about a 4K monitor) and can in many cases increase the frame rate from 30 to 60 frames per second (60 frames per second = Yum!).

The coronation The Witcher 3:

There is also a downloadable version of the console called Playstation 4 Slim. It is sold as stronger than its original counterpart, although the specifications are exactly the same. Do not be fooled, but buy if you prefer a slightly thinner console. The promised HDR support is now also available in the original version of PS4 (4.0 and higher, if I’m right).

When choosing between Playstation and Xbox

My choice of home console (when choosing between Playstation and Xbox) falls on Playstation 4. At least this generation. I like the controller a little less than the equivalent of the Xbox, but on all other Playstation 4 wins: first of all, the front games that are of course important in the end.

Nintendo Switch – the new Nintendo is a total game changer. Only the I do not know how to explain how well Timing Switch had me as a new daddy (and still a gaming enthusiast). I do not know how to explain the real joy that I know that Nintendo returns in absolute terms when it comes to the quality of games.

When choosing between Playstation and Xbox

You can complain about online support because it has really gotten quite uncomfortable. Adding Friends to „Cheats Friend” 2017 feels as fresh as downloading a fax and Nintendo promised that the retro library still shines through its absence. This, of course, is unhappy and completely, completely incomprehensible, but everything else remains a change to a little masterpiece to comfort. Simplicity and accessibility are simply incomparable.

The video games industry and interactive entertainment revenues in 2018

Video games and interactive entertainment market in 2018: mobile, computer, consoles, e-sports, VR and video content between YouTube and Twitch.

In 2018, video games and interactive entertainment generated $ 91 billion worldwide. First of all, 2018 was the year of the emergence of virtual reality driven by PlayStation VR, followed by HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. To make the best use of the device and introduce games in 4k resolution, Sony released the first „middle generation” console: the PS4 Pro, with twice the computing power compared to the older PS4, now available in Slim housing more compact.

Meanwhile, the PC market has seen an increase in average GPU performance by 40% with an average consumption of 20% less. New Nvidia and AMD Pascal Polaris architecture that knocked down the cost of mid / entry level graphics cards: Nvidia GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon RX 480, which can be „VR Ready” and together to provide high performance at 1080p and 60 fps at an affordable price (220-230 €).

Meanwhile, the PC market has seen an increase in average GPU performance by 40%

2017 will be another year seriously, not only for a large number of titles coming out in the first months of the year, but above all for coming on the Nintendo console: a hybrid with a switch, and beyond the generation of Microsoft console: Xbox Scorpio.

Meanwhile, observing the graphs summarizing the SuperData study on revenues generated by the entire gambling industry in 2018, we can get a lot of interesting observations and considerations:

The video games industry and interactive entertainment revenues in 2018

Consumers spent nearly $ 41 billion on mobile games themselves, dragged by Pokémon GO and Clash Royale. The smartphone gaming market is very mature and is increasingly approaching the volumes generated by traditional games on the PC and the console, thanks to new productions of increasing value.

Meanwhile, the PC market has seen an increase in average GPU performance by 40%

Computer games are confirmed as the leader of the domestic market with a turnover of 36 billion dollars. Together with free-to-play, we find the highest rankings MMO, from the historical League of Legends to the novice Overwatch.

The first year of virtual reality was unforgettable, especially for manufacturers of dedicated equipment. The high starting price of the spectators and the lack of a composition of titles strong enough to determine the success of the capillary, meant that flying at low altitudes was related to the innovative VR market, both on the console and on the PC.

Despite its relatively small size (around $ 900 million), e-sport is becoming a reference point for publishers, TV shows and advertisers. Producers of video games such as Activision, Riot Games and Electronic Arts, which generated good profits from the sale of television rights and, as expected by Joost van Dreunen (CEO of Superdata), we expect further growth in 2017.

Let’s analyze in more detail all the charts sector by sector.

If it is true that the 2018 phenomenon was certainly GO Pokémon, which generated a peak of USD 203 million profit in August for a total of almost USD 800 million in a year, the combined still ranks only sixth in the general classification. However, it should be taken into account that the game, the first actually expanded on Pokémon and developed by Niantic, was published by Nintendo only in the middle of the year.

Clash Royale is another year’s phenomenon from $ 197 million in the month of the premiere (March) for a total collection of $ 1.1 billion annually, bringing games to the podium in third place, just behind Monster Strike and Clash of Clans, Let's analyze in more detail all the charts sector by sector.

As you can see from the chart, the mobile sales dragged from arrogance especially from the Asian market (driven by China), which generated $ 24.9 billion revenue, more than three times the second largest market in the world, North America (US-led) from $ 6, 9 billion. The old continent is in the third position with a business turnover of USD 5.7 billion.

Free PC market

  1. The graph of the free PC game leads us to the first clear consideration: the new MOBA on the market is very hard to dethrone games with an established position and definitely at the top of the ranking.
  2. In fact, first of all, we find a simple League of Legends with revenues of about $ 150 million a month. In second place was Dota 2, which raised 23.4 million dollars a month. Both left a much smaller market share for Heroes of The Storm, SMITE and Paragon.

Considering generally MMO games, free-to-play dominates the market without a doubt, generating six times the profit from pay-to-play, in particular thanks to MMORPG, which in its entirety (free-to-play and pay-to-play) – play) earned 21.1 billion dollars, which is more than half of the entire PC market.

Also in this case revenues are dominated by the Asian market, which adds four times the value of the second place by 12.5 billion dollars, in this case in Europe by 2.8 billion dollars, and then in North America, which stops at the total value of 2, $ 2 billion.

Video games market (computer and console)

Computer games market on PC in 2016. The console games market in 2016

Considering the „traditional” video game market, we can see that the difference between total PC profits compared to console gains is in favor of the latter, though not too much. Of course, the total number includes the revenues of all premium consoles on the market, which earned 6.6 billion dollars compared to 5.4 billion US dollars.

The ranking of the best-selling titles is more or less what we expect. At the top of the console market we have Call of Duty: Black Ops III, FIFA 17 and Grand Theft Auto 5, and then The Division and Destiny. While Overwatch appears on the PC market, followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft and Fallout 4.

Video games market (computer and console)

Data on the geographical location of revenues are even more interesting. The PC market is at the top of our region: Europe has $ 2.7 billion in revenues, which is far below $ 1.8 billion in North America. In third place is the South American market with revenues of USD 0.4 billion, and the Asian market is disappearing from the radar, only 0.2 billion dollars.

Challenge between North America and Europe, up to USD 2.9 billion and USD 2.6 billion in revenue on the console market. In third place we find the Asian market, but with a business volume of 0.6 billion dollars, much smaller than the western market.