10 things you need to know to buy online

It is evident that every time we are more people who decided to buy online, for that reason it is advisable to be aware of how to deal with some of the risks or inconveniences that this implies if it is not done correctly. Below we publish https://irispress.es/2017/10/25/mejores-freidoras-sin-aceite-mercado/ 10 recommendations that we should know when buying online.

It is essential that we check that the web page where we have to enter the banking information is safe . To identify a secure web page we have to verify that your electronic address goes from being http: // to https: // (indicative of secure server). In addition, a closed yellow padlock must appear in the bottom right or left of the browser. If we double-click on the lock or key, information about the site’s security certificate will appear.

It is not advisable to buy if the web page does not clearly indicate the information , identity and address of the selling company, the characteristics of the product or service, its price and if this includes the cost of transportation, the form of payment, the modality of delivery and information about the withdrawal document; with the exception of certain service provision contracts: air transport, hotel reservation … and supply of products such as sound or video recordings, discs, computer programs that would have been unsealed by the consumer.

10 things you need to know to buy online

The delivery conditions must be clearly specified during the purchase process . In any case, the maximum delivery time for a product purchased through the Internet is 30 days. If the seller can not fulfill the promised period, he has the obligation to notify it. Then the buyer can decide if he goes ahead with the operation or if he gives up without additional cost. In this case, the seller is obliged to immediately return the corresponding money.

If we exercised the right of withdrawal, the store must return the amounts paid within a maximum period of 14 calendar days after knowing the exercise of this right. If the contract price has been fully or partially financed by a credit granted by the contracting employer or by a third party and the right of withdrawal is exercised, this implies the resolution of the credit without penalty to the consumer.

It is very practical and safe to use a credit card linked to a bank account only for Internet paymentsand where you can make deposits for the exact amount of purchases.

– Let us monitor what information the website offers us about the use it will make of our personal data.

– Remember that you do not have to fill out unnecessary forms or surveys to buy online.

– If we have a problem , the first step is to try to solve it with the seller through its customer service. If a solution is not reached, the case can be taken to mediating bodies of consumer law such as the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC). However, if you have been a victim of a crime on the Internet you must make the report at the police station. In addition, the Civil Guard has the „Telematic Crimes Group” dedicated to prosecuting any type of fraud through the Internet. Of course, in both cases the complaint can be made online.

When we make a purchase through the Internet, the products or goods acquired are protected by the same guarantees that would have been purchased in a store or physical trade. When receiving a product, we must check the status of the package and try to verify that it is not hit or may have been damaged in the shipping process. If so, you can return it indicating the reason or sign the acknowledgment of receipt of the courier leaving a written record that shows visible external damage.

10 things you need to know to buy online

Along with the product and its accessories you will have to receive written information stating the address of the establishment for the purpose of submitting claims, the corresponding invoice, the receipt and the guarantee. If you make the payment by authorizing the charge on a credit card, remember that you can demand the cancellation of the charge to the seller to the issuer of the card to undo the transaction, in a period that varies from one entity to another.

Faced with incredibly attractive prices , let’s be suspicious, it could be an error or a fraud. Given this, it is best to seek references from the seller before making the payment to avoid being a victim of a scam. If the offer is from a recognized trade, it is most likely a mistake. Needless to say, this distrust must increase in the face of free offers. In any case, a guarantee is to choose a store adhered to the consumer arbitration system.

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