How do video games affect cognitive development?

Research to determine the impact of video games (computer games, game consoles, etc.) For cognitive development, it has been shown that various games improve various aspects of intelligence.

Which games provide benefits?

Playing video games helps to improve a wide range of cognitive functions. 3D video games enhance the ability to recognize patterns and spatial memory. Action games reduce reaction time without reducing sensitivity. Favored players in the game, such as the player’s eyes, develop mental flexibility that increases the ability to quickly switch between tasks and adapt to changes.

Action games improve visual processing skills, that is, sharpen the recognition of important elements, while distractors can improve the ability to ignore elements.

Which games provide benefits?

Video games improve the ability to pay attention, improve the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Develops spatial skills, such as action games, tracking multiple objects, audio-visual coordination, and space sensing. Action games develop audiovisual caution; This is important from the point of view of information processing and reading capabilities.

As you can see, different types of games have different advantages. In the tasks we perform in accordance with the goal of the game, which skills we use, we can provide improvement in this area.

Other benefits

In addition to improving cognitive performance, playing video games offers other benefits:

Video games can help reduce the level of relaxation and stress. Video games can increase self-esteem and morale. Video games, through physical components, contribute to the development of visual-spatial skills through the management and attention functions.

Video games that you work with other players contribute to the development of social behavior in real life.

  • Short and long-term effects

It has been noticed that the profits obtained while playing video games persist for a long time after the end of the game. In a study on the subject, it was observed that the gains of children who had played spy games for a month were continued after three months from the end of the game, and it was clear that the profits were retained after three months.

Other benefitsNeurological research on this topic has shown long-term positive changes in information processing and increased flexibility of the nervous system.

In general, you can say that the time of the game influences the durability of the prize. However, the relationship between the time devoted to playing and the degree of cognitive development is complex. Because there are many variables, it is difficult to predict what benefits will be permanent.

  • Intelligence development games

The benefits of games produced to improve cognitive performance (which will be referred to as intelligence games) are discussed by the scientific community. Some studies have shown that games that develop intelligence contribute to the development of targeted aspects of cognitive performance, while some studies have not shown significant improvement.

The biggest challenge is that the producers of intelligence games exaggerate the benefits of their games. This can lead to unrealistic expectations about the game. The most important question is whether you are having fun playing this game.

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performanc

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performance. Your results in the game can give you an insight into your cognitive profits.

However, you should not forget about the 80/20 rule. This means that 20% of our activities, 80% of results results in a rule. 80% of the achievements we get in the game comes from 20% of the time we spend in the game.

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performanc

It’s good to devote our time to playing games in a direction in which we intend to improve our cognitive skills because they are accompanied by fun in development efforts. But it is wiser to diversify these games as much as possible. In this way you will have the chance to develop multi-faceted development and reduce the risk of spending time with games that are not effective (relatively less useful) in terms of development.

Video games: one of the most profitable and powerful forms of entertainment

Video games: one of the most profitable and powerful forms of entertainment

The video game industry is experiencing one of the most thriving times in its history: it generates billions of dollars around the world and becomes one of the most profitable and productive forms of entertainment.

A little man with a mustache chasing a mushroom grows in size, a hedgehog that works faster than light, a gorilla that runs in continuation barrels in the air, a green beast that emanates electricity that runs the wizard of a burnt skull and an archaeologist all tilts to denti.Queste brief descriptions relate to some of the most famous video game stars of all time: Super Mario Bros., Sonic, Donkey Kong, Blanka in Street Fighter, Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat and Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, and the list is endless: The Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia, Crash Bandicoot and Rayman. There are so many of them that we need hundreds of pages just to name them.

According to expert estimates

Year after year, the video game industry is not only consolidating, but also gaining recognition as a global entertainment industry.

In 2015, sales amounted to USD 91.8 billion, which in 2016 increased to USD 99.6 billion, according to Newzoo, a leading source on the market.

According to expert estimates, sales will reach USD 106.5 billion by the end of this year. These data underline the profitability of the ‚completely sustainable’ sector, which is able to overcome any limitations, break the boundary and expand the catchment area from day to day. .

According to expert estimates

„The industry has grown beyond any boundaries inspired by popular culture figures, presenting stories in cinemas and even dreaming of participating in the Olympics,” said Mauricio Arroyave Panesso, a senior editor on the internet specializing in Akihabara Blues.

In 2015, the entertainment industry earned $ 38.3 billion from the film industry, according to the American Film Association, and in 2014, $ 15 billion from the music industry, according to the „International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

According to the Global Videogames Market report, 106.5 billion dollars in collections expected in 2017 is not a joke. Video game command!

Between culture and fun

Over 25 million Italians are in a sense the creators of video games. About 50% of the population lives on different levels of the world of games. And if it is easy to imagine that the highest concentration of players falls in the age group of 14 to 24 years, it is surprising to see that the second place is an adult population, that from 34 to 44 years, representing 18.1% of Italian players. Even business data gives us a growing sector (+ 6.9%), able to touch, in 2015, one billion euros of turnover.

Between culture and funInteresting facts, in the light of what is considered the most fun festivals in Italy: Let’s play, which will be held in Rome from today to March 19 the next.

It is an event organized by the Enterprise Q-Social Academy in cooperation with AESVI (Italian Videogame Developers Association of Publishers).

For five days, institutions, large industry and consumers will meet to entertain, but also to discuss and raise awareness of the role that this world has for the Italian economy, showing video games in their role as a cultural tool 360 ° can conduct dialogue concerning art, pedagogy, IT, education and economic development.

Between culture and fun.

It’s from the game console It all starts after everything

As a writer, the old game is obviously not uncommon to get questions about gaming rights, and I think the most common is which console I should buy.

That is understandable. It’s from the game console It all starts after everything, and if you’re not up to date on what’s happening in the game world, choosing the right one is not easy. What kind of game console should you buy today?

The answer is (unfortunately) that it matters. Personally, today I play exclusively on Nintendo Switch and PC. I recently sold (beloved) PlayStation 4 when you just can not sit in the living room anymore and play longer. This time of day does not exist anymore (I have twins).

However, you can squeeze a few hours on your computer at night when you need it, and the big advantage of the Nintendo Switch is that it can be taken with you. It is quite possible to play Zelda in a bed, in a toilet or in a living room (without occupying the entire living room for the rest of the family).

Just consider your needs and possibilities

Just consider your needs and possibilities. When and how can you play? For example, I almost do not play in multiplayer. There is also something that can not be stopped. That’s not an idea. Children need me at any time of the day. Maybe it’s different for you?

After Dropping: Let’s look at each console individually!

Xbox One – inexpensive (cheap), powerful and in a huge library with games of this generation console by far the most convenient driver (when it comes to me, I mean). There are thousands of reasons to like (and buy) Xbox One, but I have not done so yet.

  • Exclusive Engines (games that are only released on the Xbox One) are too weak – or not really tokälskar Halo Forza Motorsport series and that’s it.
  • In addition, the Xbox One is slightly weaker than the Playstation 4. In performance tests, the equivalent of Sony almost always wins both the image and the resolution.

Just consider your needs and possibilities

Of course, that will change after Microsoft released its enhanced version of the Xbox One X (pictured above), which apparently makes a PlayStation 4 Pro. The only problem is that the label suddenly rises again to 5000 crowns – and that would at least I do not like to pay for the console (in the middle) of today’s console generation.

The coronation The Witcher 3:

If you are not crazy about the exclusivity of Sony, take a look at Xbox One. Today you can get a video game where you can play for 250 hours. The coronation The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2000 should be a strong argument for the majority.

PlayStation 4 – Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Uncharted 4: Thief for End, The Last of Us 2, Persona 5 … Exclusive to consoles are strong in Sony and PlayStation 4. The game library is being updated at a speed that is currently not possible depending on i. Here you can select the original model (with a hard drive capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB) or Playstation 4 Pro.

The Pro version has support for 4K (no thinking about a 4K monitor) and can in many cases increase the frame rate from 30 to 60 frames per second (60 frames per second = Yum!).

The coronation The Witcher 3:

There is also a downloadable version of the console called Playstation 4 Slim. It is sold as stronger than its original counterpart, although the specifications are exactly the same. Do not be fooled, but buy if you prefer a slightly thinner console. The promised HDR support is now also available in the original version of PS4 (4.0 and higher, if I’m right).

When choosing between Playstation and Xbox

My choice of home console (when choosing between Playstation and Xbox) falls on Playstation 4. At least this generation. I like the controller a little less than the equivalent of the Xbox, but on all other Playstation 4 wins: first of all, the front games that are of course important in the end.

Nintendo Switch – the new Nintendo is a total game changer. Only the I do not know how to explain how well Timing Switch had me as a new daddy (and still a gaming enthusiast). I do not know how to explain the real joy that I know that Nintendo returns in absolute terms when it comes to the quality of games.

When choosing between Playstation and Xbox

You can complain about online support because it has really gotten quite uncomfortable. Adding Friends to „Cheats Friend” 2017 feels as fresh as downloading a fax and Nintendo promised that the retro library still shines through its absence. This, of course, is unhappy and completely, completely incomprehensible, but everything else remains a change to a little masterpiece to comfort. Simplicity and accessibility are simply incomparable.

The video games industry and interactive entertainment revenues in 2018

Video games and interactive entertainment market in 2018: mobile, computer, consoles, e-sports, VR and video content between YouTube and Twitch.

In 2018, video games and interactive entertainment generated $ 91 billion worldwide. First of all, 2018 was the year of the emergence of virtual reality driven by PlayStation VR, followed by HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. To make the best use of the device and introduce games in 4k resolution, Sony released the first „middle generation” console: the PS4 Pro, with twice the computing power compared to the older PS4, now available in Slim housing more compact.

Meanwhile, the PC market has seen an increase in average GPU performance by 40% with an average consumption of 20% less. New Nvidia and AMD Pascal Polaris architecture that knocked down the cost of mid / entry level graphics cards: Nvidia GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon RX 480, which can be „VR Ready” and together to provide high performance at 1080p and 60 fps at an affordable price (220-230 €).

Meanwhile, the PC market has seen an increase in average GPU performance by 40%

2017 will be another year seriously, not only for a large number of titles coming out in the first months of the year, but above all for coming on the Nintendo console: a hybrid with a switch, and beyond the generation of Microsoft console: Xbox Scorpio.

Meanwhile, observing the graphs summarizing the SuperData study on revenues generated by the entire gambling industry in 2018, we can get a lot of interesting observations and considerations:

The video games industry and interactive entertainment revenues in 2018

Consumers spent nearly $ 41 billion on mobile games themselves, dragged by Pokémon GO and Clash Royale. The smartphone gaming market is very mature and is increasingly approaching the volumes generated by traditional games on the PC and the console, thanks to new productions of increasing value.

Meanwhile, the PC market has seen an increase in average GPU performance by 40%

Computer games are confirmed as the leader of the domestic market with a turnover of 36 billion dollars. Together with free-to-play, we find the highest rankings MMO, from the historical League of Legends to the novice Overwatch.

The first year of virtual reality was unforgettable, especially for manufacturers of dedicated equipment. The high starting price of the spectators and the lack of a composition of titles strong enough to determine the success of the capillary, meant that flying at low altitudes was related to the innovative VR market, both on the console and on the PC.

Despite its relatively small size (around $ 900 million), e-sport is becoming a reference point for publishers, TV shows and advertisers. Producers of video games such as Activision, Riot Games and Electronic Arts, which generated good profits from the sale of television rights and, as expected by Joost van Dreunen (CEO of Superdata), we expect further growth in 2017.

Let’s analyze in more detail all the charts sector by sector.

If it is true that the 2018 phenomenon was certainly GO Pokémon, which generated a peak of USD 203 million profit in August for a total of almost USD 800 million in a year, the combined still ranks only sixth in the general classification. However, it should be taken into account that the game, the first actually expanded on Pokémon and developed by Niantic, was published by Nintendo only in the middle of the year.

Clash Royale is another year’s phenomenon from $ 197 million in the month of the premiere (March) for a total collection of $ 1.1 billion annually, bringing games to the podium in third place, just behind Monster Strike and Clash of Clans, Let's analyze in more detail all the charts sector by sector.

As you can see from the chart, the mobile sales dragged from arrogance especially from the Asian market (driven by China), which generated $ 24.9 billion revenue, more than three times the second largest market in the world, North America (US-led) from $ 6, 9 billion. The old continent is in the third position with a business turnover of USD 5.7 billion.

Free PC market

  1. The graph of the free PC game leads us to the first clear consideration: the new MOBA on the market is very hard to dethrone games with an established position and definitely at the top of the ranking.
  2. In fact, first of all, we find a simple League of Legends with revenues of about $ 150 million a month. In second place was Dota 2, which raised 23.4 million dollars a month. Both left a much smaller market share for Heroes of The Storm, SMITE and Paragon.

Considering generally MMO games, free-to-play dominates the market without a doubt, generating six times the profit from pay-to-play, in particular thanks to MMORPG, which in its entirety (free-to-play and pay-to-play) – play) earned 21.1 billion dollars, which is more than half of the entire PC market.

Also in this case revenues are dominated by the Asian market, which adds four times the value of the second place by 12.5 billion dollars, in this case in Europe by 2.8 billion dollars, and then in North America, which stops at the total value of 2, $ 2 billion.

Video games market (computer and console)

Computer games market on PC in 2016. The console games market in 2016

Considering the „traditional” video game market, we can see that the difference between total PC profits compared to console gains is in favor of the latter, though not too much. Of course, the total number includes the revenues of all premium consoles on the market, which earned 6.6 billion dollars compared to 5.4 billion US dollars.

The ranking of the best-selling titles is more or less what we expect. At the top of the console market we have Call of Duty: Black Ops III, FIFA 17 and Grand Theft Auto 5, and then The Division and Destiny. While Overwatch appears on the PC market, followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft and Fallout 4.

Video games market (computer and console)

Data on the geographical location of revenues are even more interesting. The PC market is at the top of our region: Europe has $ 2.7 billion in revenues, which is far below $ 1.8 billion in North America. In third place is the South American market with revenues of USD 0.4 billion, and the Asian market is disappearing from the radar, only 0.2 billion dollars.

Challenge between North America and Europe, up to USD 2.9 billion and USD 2.6 billion in revenue on the console market. In third place we find the Asian market, but with a business volume of 0.6 billion dollars, much smaller than the western market.

We believe that lessons and laboratory together practical approach

The Digital Bros Game Academy courses are designed to train students starting from the basics of each subject. No previous experience is necessary, but it is important that students show real talent for the chosen field of study, combined with a strong passion for video games.

And „required a high creative and artistic ability to run Artist & 2D / 3D Animator, a good knowledge of mathematics and logic to the course of game programmer and the best creative talent, organizational, written and oral communication and synthesis for the course of Game Designer. Last but not least, even if the lessons are in Italian, it is very important to know English.

Creative and artistic ability to run Artist & 2D / 3D Animator

All courses take the approach to learning through learning. Practice, exercises and project implementation are the basis for classroom and laboratory lectures.

We believe that lessons and laboratory together practical approach, Core Trainer (teachers) who are professionals, seminars and workshops conducted by our guest coach, give a strong impulse and speed up the formation of our students, enabling them to learn the craft of a computer game producer and work successfully in the industry.

The start of the 2016-2017 courses is scheduled for March 1; the duration of each course is 12 months.

Each course is divided into lessons of varying complexity and duration. It is very important to take into account that the student is obliged to take out of school hours on their own projects to deepen what is being researched and apply the basics acquired in practice.

Creative and artistic ability to run Artist & 2D / 3D Animator

Therefore, the school is open to students also on afternoon afternoons and on other working days.

It is also required to attend seminars and workshops that will take place in class during the year

We believe that the combination of classroom lessons, active participation in seminars and workshops, practical application in laboratory hours, personal commitment and determination of each student are key elements for successful completion of the course. In fact, we wanted to concentrate 2 years in a year – including lessons, laboratory work and events.

The didactic approach is closely related to the practice, enabling the student to „build” and develop own projects and create a portfolio of tasks that facilitate their integration into the world of work.

It is also required to attend seminars and workshops that will take place in class during the yearThe significant difference between Digital Bros Game Academy courses and the courses of most other training schools is represented by the strong integration of the Academy with the world of work, with Digital Bros Group companies and the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to enter the developmental study along the path as a younger resource.

At the end of the academic year all school partners (including companies from the Digital Bros Group) will have the opportunity to assess students and analyze their portfolio of projects completed during the study year in order to assess the possibility of entering the company in the form of employment, internships, cooperation or internships in Italy or abroad.

For example, an internship at the DR Studios development studio in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom and Pipeworks in Eugene, Oregon – USA will be offered to the most deserved.

Do you have a successful case to tell?

Do you have a successful case to tell? A particularly brilliant student, very successful project …

At the first lessons of the Game Design course at DBGA, you will learn how to use Construct 2, a tool that allows you to create simple prototypes of video games relatively quickly. After learning the basics of using the tool, the guys were busy designing and implementing their own free composition design, with the only limitation to keeping the game usable on one screen.

Do you have a successful case to tell?

The results were very diverse and surprising, so much so that three projects were noticed by Digital Bros, who showed interest in working with children to further improve their projects and eventually bring them to the market. Just six months to school, three boys from scratch will see the chance to see their first product officially released and work hard to achieve this goal.