Discount sites

Do not get to this discount code by accident, you need a little interest – go to sites with codes to track promotions and start with these pages when we decided a specific purchase. That’s why it’s so important to have a list of things we should still buy, like the gifts we mentioned earlier. If I know I want to buy someone perfume for Christmas, I start looking for coupons and discounts on perfume.

We can also search using various parameters, for example, looking for the best deals of the week on the discount amount.

Not that hard?

I look at the sites with coupons and discounts regularly, and if there is nothing I find, but I’m looking for a very specific thing, then a similar technique, I use in addition to the search engine. ForDiscount sites example, I type in google:

  • Perfume xyz coupon
  • Perfume xyz discount
  • Perfume xyz promotion
  • Perfumes xyz promo
  • Perfumes xyz code

Understand the concept EUROMUNDO GLOBAL, actively looking for a lower price product that I have on my list. I absolutely do not expect a magic action that the store itself will knock on my door.

Free delivery

Did You happen to get on a product with a great price, but when you added the purchase, shipping cost, it turned out that just as well you can go to the Mall? Cheap purchases on the Internet also depends on the cost of delivery, which often do not pay attention.

There are several ways to get free shipping:

  1. once a year, in early December – the Day of Free Delivery, hundreds of online stores take part in them;
  2. delivery often depends on the volume of the order. It is then necessary to persuade someone else, for joint purchases, to „finish” to the level of free delivery or, if it makes financial sense to buy something else. I buy so comics, instead of ordering a few parcels more often, buy every 2 months a large pack of comics and the shipping cost is then free;
  3. personal reception is usually resolved the issue of free delivery, unless, of course, pays us to pick up along the way, departure. Let’s not go to extremes, an hour by car for a free package us will cost more than a few gold in the settings for.

Make a promotion calendar

I was in November in new York city, the absolute capital of shopping and promotion, just a week before black Friday. I saw with my own eyes how people just float through the door of the Mall to take advantage of the moment. Only there are actually huge markdowns during Black Friday and the week preceding it. It is worth noting such a period in the calendar to adapt to it their procurement processes.

Let’s move on. Festive discounts, Christmas sale, sale of goods in individual stores. All this can be recorded in advance, and at this time to look for opportunities in accordance with the list that we have prepared earlier:

  • Cleaning magazines after the holidays (my favorite, I buy cosmetics all year round)
  • Christmas sales
  • Holiday sale
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Day Single
  • Free Delivery Day
  • black Friday
  • Cyber Monday

Make a promotion calendar

Take my word for it, it’s not that hard. It is better to buy according to this list than to buy everything the way the stores want.

Buy in advance

Often cheap online purchases are actually cheap when we make them in advance. Tickets are the best example. Have you noticed how in Russian Railways the price increases when the date of departure approaches? Buying a ticket in advance, you can save up to 30% of the price – that’s why planning is so important.

A tool that will really allow cheap shopping online is… calendar.

Write down all the dates of the trip in the calendar, and try with as much as possible in advance to buy tickets online.
Minibuses, buses, trains, planes – this principle is suitable for everything. The devil is in the details. If our plans change, we will not always be able to return the ticket and refund the money. However, the difference on such purchases is really big, from tens of dollars on tickets within the country to several hundred dollars on international flights. Worth it!

Shop back in season

If you do not follow the latest trends in fashion, it is easy to master this item 😉 Buy winter clothes in the summer, and summer in winter, autumn, spring, spring, autumn, etc. then we will not fall into the trap of „new collections”, which are on the move more expensive. Free articles are cheap purchases on the Internet, so I would like to add that we are not talking about shopping for clothes at any other time of the year – there are enough websites.


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