It’s from the game console It all starts after everything

As a writer, the old game is obviously not uncommon to get questions about gaming rights, and I think the most common is which console I should buy.

That is understandable. It’s from the game console It all starts after everything, and if you’re not up to date on what’s happening in the game world, choosing the right one is not easy. What kind of game console should you buy today?

The answer is (unfortunately) that it matters. Personally, today I play exclusively on Nintendo Switch and PC. I recently sold (beloved) PlayStation 4 when you just can not sit in the living room anymore and play longer. This time of day does not exist anymore (I have twins).

However, you can squeeze a few hours on your computer at night when you need it, and the big advantage of the Nintendo Switch is that it can be taken with you. It is quite possible to play Zelda in a bed, in a toilet or in a living room (without occupying the entire living room for the rest of the family).

Just consider your needs and possibilities

Just consider your needs and possibilities. When and how can you play? For example, I almost do not play in multiplayer. There is also something that can not be stopped. That’s not an idea. Children need me at any time of the day. Maybe it’s different for you?

After Dropping: Let’s look at each console individually!

Xbox One – inexpensive (cheap), powerful and in a huge library with games of this generation console by far the most convenient driver (when it comes to me, I mean). There are thousands of reasons to like (and buy) Xbox One, but I have not done so yet.

  • Exclusive Engines (games that are only released on the Xbox One) are too weak – or not really tokälskar Halo Forza Motorsport series and that’s it.
  • In addition, the Xbox One is slightly weaker than the Playstation 4. In performance tests, the equivalent of Sony almost always wins both the image and the resolution.

Just consider your needs and possibilities

Of course, that will change after Microsoft released its enhanced version of the Xbox One X (pictured above), which apparently makes a PlayStation 4 Pro. The only problem is that the label suddenly rises again to 5000 crowns – and that would at least I do not like to pay for the console (in the middle) of today’s console generation.

The coronation The Witcher 3:

If you are not crazy about the exclusivity of Sony, take a look at Xbox One. Today you can get a video game where you can play for 250 hours. The coronation The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2000 should be a strong argument for the majority.

PlayStation 4 – Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Uncharted 4: Thief for End, The Last of Us 2, Persona 5 … Exclusive to consoles are strong in Sony and PlayStation 4. The game library is being updated at a speed that is currently not possible depending on i. Here you can select the original model (with a hard drive capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB) or Playstation 4 Pro.

The Pro version has support for 4K (no thinking about a 4K monitor) and can in many cases increase the frame rate from 30 to 60 frames per second (60 frames per second = Yum!).

The coronation The Witcher 3:

There is also a downloadable version of the console called Playstation 4 Slim. It is sold as stronger than its original counterpart, although the specifications are exactly the same. Do not be fooled, but buy if you prefer a slightly thinner console. The promised HDR support is now also available in the original version of PS4 (4.0 and higher, if I’m right).

When choosing between Playstation and Xbox

My choice of home console (when choosing between Playstation and Xbox) falls on Playstation 4. At least this generation. I like the controller a little less than the equivalent of the Xbox, but on all other Playstation 4 wins: first of all, the front games that are of course important in the end.

Nintendo Switch – the new Nintendo is a total game changer. Only the I do not know how to explain how well Timing Switch had me as a new daddy (and still a gaming enthusiast). I do not know how to explain the real joy that I know that Nintendo returns in absolute terms when it comes to the quality of games.

When choosing between Playstation and Xbox

You can complain about online support because it has really gotten quite uncomfortable. Adding Friends to „Cheats Friend” 2017 feels as fresh as downloading a fax and Nintendo promised that the retro library still shines through its absence. This, of course, is unhappy and completely, completely incomprehensible, but everything else remains a change to a little masterpiece to comfort. Simplicity and accessibility are simply incomparable.

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