How do video games affect cognitive development?

Research to determine the impact of video games (computer games, game consoles, etc.) For cognitive development, it has been shown that various games improve various aspects of intelligence.

Which games provide benefits?

Playing video games helps to improve a wide range of cognitive functions. 3D video games enhance the ability to recognize patterns and spatial memory. Action games reduce reaction time without reducing sensitivity. Favored players in the game, such as the player’s eyes, develop mental flexibility that increases the ability to quickly switch between tasks and adapt to changes.

Action games improve visual processing skills, that is, sharpen the recognition of important elements, while distractors can improve the ability to ignore elements.

Which games provide benefits?

Video games improve the ability to pay attention, improve the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Develops spatial skills, such as action games, tracking multiple objects, audio-visual coordination, and space sensing. Action games develop audiovisual caution; This is important from the point of view of information processing and reading capabilities.

As you can see, different types of games have different advantages. In the tasks we perform in accordance with the goal of the game, which skills we use, we can provide improvement in this area.

Other benefits

In addition to improving cognitive performance, playing video games offers other benefits:

Video games can help reduce the level of relaxation and stress. Video games can increase self-esteem and morale. Video games, through physical components, contribute to the development of visual-spatial skills through the management and attention functions.

Video games that you work with other players contribute to the development of social behavior in real life.

  • Short and long-term effects

It has been noticed that the profits obtained while playing video games persist for a long time after the end of the game. In a study on the subject, it was observed that the gains of children who had played spy games for a month were continued after three months from the end of the game, and it was clear that the profits were retained after three months.

Other benefitsNeurological research on this topic has shown long-term positive changes in information processing and increased flexibility of the nervous system.

In general, you can say that the time of the game influences the durability of the prize. However, the relationship between the time devoted to playing and the degree of cognitive development is complex. Because there are many variables, it is difficult to predict what benefits will be permanent.

  • Intelligence development games

The benefits of games produced to improve cognitive performance (which will be referred to as intelligence games) are discussed by the scientific community. Some studies have shown that games that develop intelligence contribute to the development of targeted aspects of cognitive performance, while some studies have not shown significant improvement.

The biggest challenge is that the producers of intelligence games exaggerate the benefits of their games. This can lead to unrealistic expectations about the game. The most important question is whether you are having fun playing this game.

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performanc

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performance. Your results in the game can give you an insight into your cognitive profits.

However, you should not forget about the 80/20 rule. This means that 20% of our activities, 80% of results results in a rule. 80% of the achievements we get in the game comes from 20% of the time we spend in the game.

As a result, video games can help in developing various aspects of cognitive performanc

It’s good to devote our time to playing games in a direction in which we intend to improve our cognitive skills because they are accompanied by fun in development efforts. But it is wiser to diversify these games as much as possible. In this way you will have the chance to develop multi-faceted development and reduce the risk of spending time with games that are not effective (relatively less useful) in terms of development.

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