Wasteland 2 build

Wasteland 2 build

Drop points of CON to 0 doesn’t mean death, just loss of Wasteland 2 build consciousness. In an unconscious form will appear health counter, as in the picture. When the CON falls to a certain, critical value of the negative character dies permanently. In Wasteland 2 you can’t go to the temple and resurrect the dead. The dead NPC will become a breeding ground for mutant vultures in the irradiated desert. However, remember that you are not playing one character, and the whole team, so it does not matter who will die, even if the team leader. The game will end if all four of the original guards are killed.

Wasteland 2 skill books

To avoid an unhappy fate, the dying need to use the Wasteland 2 build ability of the Surgeon as soon as possible. To find out the details, hover your mouse over the portrait of the character. You will learn how quickly she loses the STAKE and how many moves (during the fight) or how many seconds (outside the fight) will die.

Wasteland 2 skill booksTo perform the wasteland 2 skill books operation, you need a set of injuries (trauma), which you buy in any drug store. The higher this quality, the more points will return to the form, but also the higher level the Surgeon requires to be able to use it at all. One character on the team is almost required to have a high surgeon skill. This is a useful ability not only to save team members, but also other wounded in the wasteland.

A good idea is https://www.beforeiplay.com/index.php?title=Wasteland_2:_Director%27s_Cut to develop the ability to have two characters, if it is at first needed to use the surgery because you can’t operate on himself. Another person is enough 1-2 points, while the first should aim at the maximum. You can operate, for example, bleeding, but it also requires an appropriate subject. The process of putting on your feet lasts for a while, so if you are in a fight, then even now your character is constantly exposed to subsequent wasteland 2 skill books damage, which can be fatal. If you have long pulled, there is also a risk that the operation was started too late and will not end until the CON falls too low.

Wasteland 2 director’s cut party build

The unconscious figure, contrary to appearances, should not be in a lost position. Each loss of consciousness is associated with the application of some wasteland 2 director’s cut party build status. It should be well acquainted with it. As a rule, X CON points will be lost with each round. However, there are also positive statuses, such as Healing, which restores x CON points with each round.

Wasteland 2 director's cut party buildIf the character does not have a negative status (eg, bleeding), then soon his Con will automatically return above 0, and then she gets up. The disadvantage of this solution is the fact that she has only 1 point of health, so that the scratch will put it again. However, you will save a set of injuries and if you are in combat – PA that the doctor would have to use to start the surgery. Also check the level of wasteland 2 best perks experience of such a guard before you start treating him. Could they be out any minute? Then it will be automatically cured, and you will not only save a set of injuries, but also a first aid kit.

During the fight also remember that the doctor must first get to his wasteland 2 director’s cut party build patient, so may not have enough YET to do it, and in the same queue to start the operation. It is also important that the fresh „patched” figure will not be immediately in full combat readiness. After some time will have a negative status minimizing its attributes.

Wasteland 2 perks

Clicking on the globe opens the world map. The game you start in the vicinity of the Fortress Rangers (Ranger Citadel), the headquarters of the Guardians of the Wasteland. Of course, this is not the only wasteland 2 perks location in the game. At the ends of each map you will find distinctive icons of the globe, as in the screenshot. Enter not, you will leave the current location and exit to the wasteland.

Wasteland 2 perksOn the wasteland there are many other areas-destroyed cities, military facilities or just ordinary settlements. At first, you don’t know the location of specific parcels, so your map will be almost completely blank. You fill it out by learning about new places while talking to people you meet or traveling on your own wasteland 2 perks and discovering the still existing remnants of human civilization. If you do not know the location of a site, you will open it, going directly depending on the level of Perception.

Hiking in the Desert

Hiking in the DesertTo cross the wastelands and you need water. Water can be considered in the  category of fuel for wasteland 2 party build the car. You need a certain amount of fuel to get from point a to point B. When the water runs out, the team will begin to suffer from dehydration and take damage. If you do not immediately replenish the water-all die of thirst. The current water level is a blue tank in the lower right corner of the screen.

Hovering your mouse over any point on the map will show in turn how much water it takes to get to it. You filled the water in two ways. First, from sources in individual locations, such as the dining room, the Fortress – just tap in the water tank, and confirm that you want to refill the jars. Secondly, in oases, which, perchance, you encounter while Hiking. The oasis will appear on the world map if you are nearby. Just go to her and fill up. Traveling to new wasteland 2 party build areas, sometimes it is necessary to deviate from the course in the hope of finding a new source. The water problem will disappear once you get to California where you can travel freely without worrying about mint condition.

In addition, on the world map you can also accidentally stumble upon caches where you can find useful items like weapons and ammunition. Hidden in the world are also special wasteland 2 best perks shrines, i.e. special places dedicated to people who have greatly supported the gathering on Kickstarter. You can find them if you have, respectively, a high Perception or by performing the appropriate task in this location.

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